Testimonies and stories of change from different individuals that have been impacted by EASSI

EASSI and DSW continued to support women and girls’ groups with startup capital in the WOGE project.The startup support was given to the groups after they were equipped with practical skills in various cottage industries for improved economic self-reliance. 84 DSW groups were supported with utensils, furniture, stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and other materials based on project need while 8 EASSI groups in Missenyi, Tanzania were given tie and dye materials as well as chicks (chicken) and feeds. The startup capital and training then enabled the groups to cascade their knowledge and skills to their knowledge and skills to their communities helping to break the cycle of poverty. After receiving startup capital, Fatuma Omary of Mazingara Handeni groups in Tanzania Testimonials said, “With the new 25 improved beehives provided to our groups we are expecting to harvest high quality honey production and increase the groups’ income compared to the traditional bee hives we had before EASSI came in”

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