Mentoring Young Women into Leadership Programme

Over 20 years of mentoring and nurturing young women who are passionate about women and gender. EASSI through this programme, has contributed to over 170 young women who have stepped out to mentor others and occupy positions of leadership. The programme targets young women between the ages of 25-35 years. The training has transformed the lives of young women and has equipped them with knowledge, skills and expertise to become transformative leaders within their communities and the region at large.

The objectives of the leadership programme include;

  • Equipping young women with knowledge and skills in leadership, gender analysis as well as in the formulation and implementation of gender responsive projects and programmes.
  • Initiating a forum for young women to meet and build alliances for individual and professional support, sensitizing and empowering young women on gender issues so as to improve the quality of gender analysis and research in the Sub-Region.
  • Strengthening existing national and regional networks through net-working and solidarity and to build and sustain links and empower the young women living in fundamentally patriarchal communities with self-development and life skills.

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