Gender, Conflict Prevent and Post Conflict Reconstruction

Gender, Conflict Prevent and Post Conflict Reconstruction

Since the approval of Resolution 1325 by the United Nations Security Council, the issue of women, gender, peace and security has been on the international agenda on a constant basis, although with differing results due to some obstacles and unresolved challenges which include: Great reluctance toward considering that the gender dimension is important for the peace and security agenda; Women continue to be a minority in decision-making posts; Together with this absence of women in decision-making, there is a distinct lack of men in the forums and initiatives that have arisen as a result of Resolution 1325; Mechanisms for protecting women in situations of armed conflict are still very deficient; And finally, many of the proposals for making progress in the implementation of Resolution 1325 are not institutionalized, and as a result they depend on the personal willingness of certain people and can therefore be postponed or considered as something optional. Frequently no connection (or very little) exists between the political documents that define the lines of action and the actions that are carried out on the ground.

In its strategic plan of 2014 -2018, EASSI has continued to build capacity of women and stakeholders in peace processes to ensure women’s voices are brought to the decision making table on peace and security issues in line with the Beijing Platform for Action.

Under this thematic area, EASSI works to promote participation of women in challenging systemic causes of conflict and providing alternative paradigms to peace building and conflict resolution. Our work is focused on gradually bringing women’s voices into the decision making spaces on peace and security matters.

EASSI is part of a coalition on UNSCR 1325 in Uganda that is playing an important role in promoting community involvement in the implementation of UNSCR 1325, 1820 and the Goma Declaration in Uganda.

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