Information and Marketing Resource Centers

Information and Marketing Resource Centers

EASSI has set up and operates several resource centres at the border points across East Africa. The resource centres act as a linkage point between women groups, traders and other stakeholders. Besides being information hubs, the resource centres also capture women’s experiences in trade and refer those who need help to relevant authorities and in some cases intervene when traders are faced with challenges. Currently, EASSI operates eight (9) at Luweero District Uganda and 8 at the the border points of Malaba (Kenya/Uganda), Busia (Kenya/Uganda), Mutukula (Tanzania/Uganda), Katuna (Rwanda/Uganda), Holili/Taveta (Kenya/Tanzania), Namanga (Kenya/Tanzania and Kabanga/Kobero (Burundi/Tanzania) border and . The Resource centers are equipped with computers, photocopiers, mobile internet and skilled staff. The resource centers continue to act as a hub for trade and market information, meeting and resting place for women traders.

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Information and Marketing Resource Centers
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